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This section is dedicated to the memory of those who served our country in the Military and to express our appreciation for their dedication and bravery so we can all live free.


Reference for Civil War (149)(172)

ABRAHAM SR b. 1740

ABRAHAM b. 1776 Revolutionary War?

ABRAHAM SR NOE b. 1788 Orange, NC War of 1812

ALEXANDER C (A.C.) Civil War, Co F/K, 1st Kentucky Infantry (Union) Brother of James Harvey also Civil War.

AMOS Civil War B 127 Inf Willow Creek

ANDREW b. 1857 Civil War

AQUILIAN W. NOE Civil War, Co E, 13th Inf, Bristol

ARCHIBALD b ca 1836 1st Regiment Missouri Militia

ASA C Civil War p561m Adj Gen rep-Kentucky Union

ASA E Civil War p382 Adj Gen Rep-KY Union

BEN F NOE b. 1831 Harlan Co, KY. Buried at Camp Nelson. Died in the Civil War at a young age, was a Lieutenant and had been promoted to Captain before his death.

BENJAMIN WEB b.1842 Civil War p467 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union Carrollton & Lane Station.

CALVIN p.468 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union

CHARLES R. NOE (CR NOE) est b. 1840 Civil War-Co C, 8th Inf; Co E, 97th Inf; Hqs, Hqs 97th Inf Charlston, Mustered out as a 2nd Lieutenant. Brother of Samuel D and Mathew J also Civil War Vets

Joseph "CHESTER" NOE, son of Joseph Levi Noe b. 1890 and grandson of Henry W Noe of Kentucky- WWII & Korean War (US Army & US Air Force), uncle of Frank Ray and Robert Lee Noe of the Vietnam War and great uncle of Robert Ray Noe of the Afgan war.

CLINTON FRANCIS b. 1891 WWI 2nd Lieutenant US Army

DANIEL b.1844 Civil War


DAVID b. ca1845 Civil War

DONALD C. NOE US Army Vietnam, 5th Special Forces Group and Studies and Observation Group aka (Special Operations Group-Vietnam operating behind enemy lines) Retired.

EDGAR S Co A 6th Cav MASSA Co.

ELIJAH b. 1/18/1840 Civil War-KY Union (Brother of THOMAS S HENRY NOE II 1840 and William B b. 1831 also Civil War Vets).

FLOYD RUSSELLof Huntington, In, b. 29 Oct 1947 (Killed in Action on Dec 7, 1967. US Army Medic) He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, Panel 23E, line 62

FRANCIS M. NOE Civil War Co I 30 Inf Keysport

FRANCIS M. NOE Civil WarCo C and Co H, 26th Inf, Millersburg

FRANK RAY (son of Jessie L, grandson of Jospeh Levi b. 1890 and great grandson of Henry W of Kentucky) of Vidalia, California b. 24 Dec 1941 living in Hot Springs Arkansas before entering the US Navy, after his Navy tour, he joined the US Army and served in the Vietnam War (Killed in Action on Nov 1, 1957-Special Forces Medic, Sergeant First Class. Brother of Robert Lee Noe b. 1943 and served in Vietnam also Special Forces and Special Operations-aka Studies and Observation Group operating behind enemy lines)

GEORGE HOBERT NOE of Cawood, Ky. Vietnam Vet (Killed in Action on May 26, 1965-Private First Class) He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial panel 24W, line 112.

GEORGE NOE Civil War p742, Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union

GEORGE E. NOE Civil War Co E, 4th Cav Amity

HARRY NOE, of Elliotsoville, Ky - Spanish-American War, 1898-99, Corporal enrolled Jun 29, at Morehead, Ky, Mustered in July 9, (Note: 1998, KY Ancestors V33-3, Pg 139)

HENRY H Civil War p971 Adj Gen Rpt-Kentucky Union

HENRY NOE Civil War: 3 (Forrest's) Tennessee Cavalry

HENRY NOE Civil War: 36 Massachusetts Infantry


HOWARD W. Noe, US Army Vietnam, 5th Special Forces Group and Studies and Observation Group aka (Special Operations Group-Vietnam) Retired as a Master Sergeant. Served 4 tours in Vietnam.

ISAAC Civil War p710, Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union

JAMES b. 1771 Revolutionary War

JAMES NOE  Revolutionary War

JAMES b. 1842

JAMES NOE Civil War p194 Adj Gen Rpt-Kentucky-Union

JAMES HARVEY NOE b. 8 Aug 1842  Civil War Vet. Brother of Alexander C.

JAMES L NOE b. ca 1920.of St Louis City, Missouri. Korean War Veteran (Killed in Action 20 Mar 1953, Private First Class, US ARMY)

JAMES ALBERT NOE  WWI or WWII (?) Lieutenant US Army

JERRY LYNN NOE of Knoxville, TN,  b. 22 Jul 1948 Vietnam Veteran (Killed in Action on Jun 22, 1967). He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall on panel 22E, line 46.

JOHN NOE b. 1737 Revolutionary War

JOHN NOE Revolutionary Soldier

JOHN C. NOE Civil War Co D, 33rd Inf, Taylorsville

JOHN WILLIAM b. 1922  WWII (Lieutenant JG US Navy)

JOHN E. NOE b. 1942 Vietnam-US Navy (Son of Thomas Darst of WWII & Korea & Brother of Thomas D Jr and Walker of Vietnam)

JOHN M NOE Civil War p887 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky-Union

JOHN T.B. NOE b. ca 1844 Civil War -Confederate-taken prisoner

JOHN WESTLY NOE  b. 1838-44 Civil War - 60th Tennessee Confederate (He died during the war)

JOSPEH NOE - Revolutionary War - from MD

JOSEPH NOE b. 1822 Civil War

JOSEPH NOE Civil War-Private, Died in Prison Hospital

JOSEPH NOE JR b.1820/22. Civil War private-Died in the Union Prison

JOSEPH R. NOE b. Civil War-Confederate

JOSEPH LEVI NOE, b. May 1890. World War I

LEWIS b. 1760 Revolutionary War

LOT -Spanish American War

MARSH b. 1735 Revolutionary War

MARTIN NOE Civil War p609 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union

MARVIN LEWIS NOE b. 18 Aug 1948 Drafted from Lawton, Oklahoma. Vietnam-Killed in Action 9 May 1969 Sergeant. He is listed on the Vietnam Memorial Wall, panel 25W, line 31

MATHEW J (JAMES) NOE   b. 16 Jan 1847  Civil War Co K, 63rd Inf  Charlston (Brother of Charles R and Samuel D also Civil War Vets.

MERLE NOE b. 1910-20 (early 20's) WW II, US Navy, Lt JG, Missing in Action, Presumed dead.

MILLARD NOE b. 3/28/1893 WWI

NATHAN NOE Civil War p467 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union

NATHAN NOE Civil War p940, Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky-Union

NATHANIEL NOE Civil War p580 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union

PETER NOE b ca 1710

PETER NOE d. 1802 Revolutionary War

QUELSE NOE b. bef 1776 (Reported to be a Revolutionary War Soldier?)

RICHARD L. NOE. US Army Vietnam, 5th Special Forces and Studies and Observation Group aka Special Operations Vietnam, he was a Special Forces Medic.

ROBERT LEE NOE b. 21 Mar 1943 Vietnam War (Awarded a battlefield Commission, Captain US Army Special Forces, brother of Frank R. b. 1941 who was Killed in Acton in Vietnam and was a Special Forces Medic). Served from March 21, 1960 through December 30, 1980, Active Duty and Dec 30 1980 to May 1991 US Army Reserves.

ROBERT RAY NOE b. 1971, son of Robert L. Noe b. 1943. US Army served two tours Afganistan

SAMUEL S. NOE Civil War p524 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky Union.

SAMUEL D NOE Civil War b. est 1840's from Indiana Co C 68th Inf; Co H 10 Cav. Brother of Mathew J and Charles R also Civil War Vets.

SAMUEL b. 1755 Revolutionary War

SIDNEY NOE b. bef 1840 Civil War-Adj Gen Rep.Kentucky Union.

SMITH W. NOE Civil War, Co K, 8th Inf-Blooington. (149)

STANFORD (SANFORD)NOE Civil War, Co D, 22nd Inf, Baden Baden

STERLING WILLIAM NOE (See William Sterling)

THEODORE NOE  Civil War p861 Adj Gen Rep-Kentucky-Union

THOMAS NOE - Revolutionary War from MD

THOMAS DARST NOE SR (Rev) b 1/25/1923 WWII & Korean Veteran, Navy Submariner.

THOMAS D. NOE JR b. 1942 Vietnam Veteran. b. 7 Aug 1942 (Son of Thomas Darst of WWII & Korea & Brother of John E (A Twin) and Walker of Vietnam)

THOMAS S HENRY NOE II  Civil War-Union. KY (Brother of Elijah b. 1840 and William B b. 1831 also Civil War Vets).

TIM A NOE of Redland, CA. Vietnam Vet b. Jul 3, 1945 d. Jun 11, 1966 Killed in Action, US Army Infantry, Private First Class. Single age 20 Killed by explosive device. Vietnam Memorial Panel 08E line 38.(138)

WALKER b. 1947 Vietnam Vet (Son of Thomas Darst of WWII & Korea & Brother of John E and Thomas D Jr of Vietnam)

WALTER PAGE NOE b. 29 Sep 1947 Vietnam Vet, US Navy, Battleship

WILLIAM B. b. 1831 (Brother of THOMAS S HENRY NOE II  and Elijah b. 1840 also Civil War Vets. 3 of his wife's brothers [Senix, William and David Lawson] served with him, he was wounded at the battle of Chickamauga)

WILLIAM NOE Civil War Vet, Co B, 127th Inf, Willow Creek

WILLIAM B. NOE (Reverend) Civil War Soldier-Kentucky, Union b. 14 Sep 1831 Wouned in Action. Brother of Elijah b. 1840 and Thomas H b. 1843 also Civil War Vets.

ZEPHANIAH NIMROD NOE (or NOOE) born 1766 in Essex Co, VA moved to Culpepper Co, Va, then to Jessamine Co, KY then fought and died in the Battle of New Orleans in 1812.






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