Robert Lee Noe b. 1943

  his father Jessie Luther Noe b. 12/8/1914

                  married to Medric Troy Bell b. 8/20/1918 Marr 7/18/1936

         his father Joseph Levi Noe b.

                   married to Laura Jiles b.

           his mother LUCETTA FRANCES FULMER b. 1868 married to Henry W. Noe b. 1860

                       married to Henry W. Noe b. 1860

             her father Daniel Mathis Fulmer b. 1828

                            married to Amanda M. Ingram Pruitt b. 1835

              his father John C. Fulmer b. Jul 14, 1801

                                 married to Mary Ann Waits b. 7 Sep 1804

               his father Matthias Fulmer b. 1799

                                    married to Mary Christina Stucks b. 1776

                  his father Captain Johann Jacob Fulmer b. 1744 (Rev War Soldier)

                                         married to Nancy Lightfoot b. 1740 (she was redheaded. My father and aunts and uncles all claims she was Cherokee Indian--See Nancy Lightfoot below)

                     his father Eberhart Ludwig Volmar b. 1687-Germany

                                            married to Agnes Mocking Mock b. 1704-Germany

                        his father Eberhand Volmar b. 16 Jan 1654/55-Germany

                                                married to Anna Cathrina Zengerin b. 14 May 1670-Germany

                           his father Johnann Jakob Volmar b. 1 Aug 1626-Germany

                                                   married to Anna Maria Schielin b. 8 Jan 1628-Germany

                              his father Haynrich Volmar b. 23 Feb 1589/90

                                                      married to Anna Maria b. 1861

                                 his father Simpliclus The Younger Volmar b. 19 May1563-Germany

                                                         married to Margaretha b. 1571

                                    his father Simpliclus the Elder b. 1530-Germany

                                                             married to Barbara Schwartz

                                       his father Michael Volmer b. 1500-Germany

                                                                 married to Unknown

                                          his father Hans Volmar b. 1450

                                                                     married to Unknown  

My Great Grandmother, Lucetta Fulmer, born Feb 1865; died 1905, married to Henry W. Noe, and who is the Great Granddaughter of Captain Johann Jacob Fulmer and Nancy Lightfoot claims to her children, including my grandfather that her Great Grandmother Nancy Lightfoot was a full blooded Cherokee Indian.
Contrary to all the other speculation, I am quite positive that my Great Grandmother knew who her Great Grandmother was and this was long before any computer/telephone so it would have been first hand knowledge or knowledge pass to her by her grandfather or father. Thus, This Nancy Lightfoot is of the Cherokee Nation until there is proof positive to the contrary not withstand all the assertions otherwise. During the life of Lucetta, The American Indians were considered as "savages" and any relationship connection would have been avoided so her claims that her Great Grandmother was an American Indian would have been a determent to her and her family. I can only feel that her making this claim is because it is true.--  Robert Lee Noe b. 1943


From the genealogy book THE FULMERS OF DUTCH FORK;Nancy Lightfoot/Lites b 1740 "was a red headed Spanish lady born in the Wateree Creek Village."
In 1566 a cleric and four Spanish sailors were left in the village by their Cap. Juan Pardo. Their ship was the Santa Elena. When he returned in1567 he left 17 soldier and a corporal at a fort they built.
Some of you may know there were many Spanish in FL as well as present day GA.
Some came when DeSoto marched through the south, stealing, killing and making slaves of the Native American's. These mixed Spanish/Native American's are called Black Dutch/Melungeon's. The Wateree Creek joined with other tribes and are now part of the Cataba's.

Captain Johann Jacob Fulmer.born in Germany and both he and his wife Nancy Lightfoot died in Lexington Dist, SC, which was the Dutch Fork area of S.C. 

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 about Nancy Lightfoot
Name: Nancy Lightfoot
Gender: Female
Spouse Name: Johann Jakob Vollmer
Birth Place: Pf
Spouse Birth Year: 1744
Number Pages: 1
Birth: 1740
Death: May 3, 1795
Nancy Lightfoot Fulmer
Family links:
Jacob Fulmer (1744 - 1795)
Saint Peters Lutheran Church Cemetery
Lexington County
South Carolina, USA
Created by: Stephen Ranum
Record added: Apr 17, 2012
Find A Grave Memorial# 88680997


Johann Jacob Fulmer 

story about him :
Fulmer - German Immigrant to South Carolina FULMER - "I, Johannes Vollmer, was born on February 8, 1733 in Underhausen of the Department Pfullinger in the Duchy of Wurtemberg. My father was Eberhardt Lugwig Vollmer, My mother was named Agnes, nee Mock. The witness of my baptism (my baptismal sponsors) were John Jacob Heid and Maria Agnes Herman. On April 14, 1752 we together with other emigrants began the voyage to America where after traveling a long time
we reached South Carolina at the end of October, and at once started for the country where we settled in the Fork where I am writing the

War Service as found by Diana Schwab

Jacob Fulmer was in the Revolutionary War:

A Dutch Fork militia was formed by Philemon Waters from Virginia who had served with then Colonel George Washington in 1754 during the French Indian War. In 1772, Philemon received a land grant in South Carolina and it was here that he formed his own company of troops and outfitted them with muskets, gun powder, etc. as a militia for the protection against the Cherokee Indian battles in South Carolina throughout the 1760s and up until about 1775. History of that period documents that a number of riflemen were recruited from the Dutch Fork Germans to help put down the Cherokee threat. It is believed that Jacob participated in militia service of the Cherokee threat as early as age 16 or 17.

During the Revolutionary War, Jacob apparently began service under Colonel Philemon Waters, but later was assigned to others. I found reference in other records where Jacob is mentioned as Lieutenant Jacob Fulmer, then later as Captain. Where I became confused is that his son Jacob, Jr. (brother of OUR Joel Fulmer) also served during the RW.

Here is an excerpt from OUR Jacob's application for RW pension: Jacob filed an application for a service pension in the South Carolina Lexington District on 04 March 1834 claiming service of two-years, six-months. In his application he stated: " . . . by reason of old and the consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively as to the precise length of his service but according to the best of his recollection . . . " he served

1779 under John Adam Summer in Bear's Regiment stationed at Ancrums on the Congaree River and scouted in the Enoree River settlements commanded by Col. Glenn. 1780 commanded by Henry Summer, joined General Green at British Fort Granby, marched under Crueger to attack the British 1781 march under Col. Jonus Beard to Ancrums, Kuigley Mills joined with Gen. Green for Battle at Eutaw Springs. 1782 stationed at Drehers Mills on Saluda River 1782-1783 scouted and patrolled under command Glenn, Major Williams and others.

Jacob Fulmer is an approved patriot for those wishing to become members of the DAR and need only prove their lineage back to Jacob.

Another tidbit of info: The Fulmer Family Cemetery was originally located on property of the Fulmer family at the edge of Lake Murray, however the graves of several person are now beneath the waters of the lake. A monument in the cemetery commemorates those buried there include were the names of Jacob Fulmer and Mrs. Jacob Fulmer, believed to be the graves of Captain Jacob Fulmer and his wife, and the Jacob Volmer who came to Dutch Fork in 1752 with his father Everhard Ludwig (Everard) Volmer and his brother, John Volmer. It can only be speculated as to whether the father is also buried there.

308. Johann Jacob Vollmer was born on 31 Jan 1744 in Unterhausen, Germany. He died in 1798 in Lexington County, South Carolina. He married Nancy Lightfoot in 1760 in Lexington County, South Carolina. [Parents]

309. Nancy Lightfoot was born in 1740 in Lexington County, South Carolina.

5. CAPT. JOHANN JACOB9 FULMER (EBERHARD LUDWIG8 VOLMAR, EBERHARD7, JOHANN JAKOB6 VOLMER, HAYNRICH5 VOLMAR, SIMPLICIUS THE YOUNGER4, SIMPLICIUS THE ELDER3, MICHAEL2, HANS1) was born 31 Jan 1743/44 in Unterhausen, Schwarzwaldkreis, Germany, and died 10 Mar 1797 in Dutch Fork area, SC. He married NANCY LIGHTFOOT 1760. She was born 1740.

Notes for C

Notes from Charla Springer
"Colonial Ancestors of the Fulmers of SC and the Folmars of AL" compiled and published by L. W. Folmar which states that Jacob Folmar was born on 1/31/1744 in Unterhausen, Wurttemberg, Germany. He married Nancy Lightfoot (probably his second wife) reported to have been a red-haired Spanish lady. He goes on to say, could she have been an Indian? Not likely Indian if with red hair.

Shealy Family Genealogy 1752-1992 compiled by George Benet Shealy and Nancy Elaine Shealy. This states that Jacob Fulmer, Sr. and Nancy Lightfoot were from Unterhausen, Germany.

Johann Jacob is Patriot Number 568108, per SAR CDROM.


From "The Carolina Herald and Newsletter" of the South Carolina Genealogical Society, Vol. XXVII, No. 2:

An article by Olin Fulmer Hutchinson, Jr., 5th great-grandson, using information from a letter from Marilyn Markow of Round Rock, TX, he states that there were two (2) Nancy Lightfoot's. The story goes that the Captain's wife was a red-haired Indian, and previously married to John Adair. This does not fit, as Captain Jacob fought the Indians during the 1759 - 1760 Indian War as well as during the Revolution. Also, John Adair and Captain Fulmer were having children during the same time period.

Marilyn's letter stated that her Nancy married John Adair and had 5 children. He had come from County Antrim, Ireland, where he was born before 1755. He and brothers Edward and James landed in Philadelphia around 1775 and took up residence in the Cherokee Nation. John and Edward both married Cherokee women. James did not marry, and returned to England.

John Adair's first wife was Nancy Lightfoot Foster, a widow with two children. They married about 1779, and took up residence about 5 miles from Adairsville, GA, in the Cherokee village known as the Garden Spot of the county, called Oothcalooga. Nancy died about 1790, and may be buried in Rome, GA. John took all seven children and moved to the Pendleton District in South Carolina, previously Cherokee lands. He traded with them in and around Keowee, where Fort Prince Charles was located, and eventually owned land near there.

It is now believed that Captain Fulmer's Nancy was a Virginian who had come to the US from England, and that her grandfather is the John Lightfoot of Lightfoot, VA. John had come to Virginia in 1626 and married a red-headed Indian princess. This Virginia tribe has been well documented elsewhere, but no longer exists. There was a male Lightfoot living in Edgefield District in the late 1700's -- likely Nancy's brother.

"I feel reasonably certain that Nancy was the only wife that the Captain ever had, and the Captain was the only husband Nancy ever had. (Previous confusion regarding this comes from the Captain's son, Jacob, Jr., who greatly paralleled his father. He married twice, with his first wife remaining unknown.) I also believe that Nancy was the sole mother of the Captain's children, and that they both lay buried together, only a matter of of yards from the shore, under Lake Murray near Resting Place Road, near Camping Creek, and within a couple of miles of Piney Woods Lutheran Church which Jacob Fulmer signed for as a charter member. His signature matches the Captain's signature on his Revolutionary War indents that he exchanged for land on Camping Creek.

I have found that the Captain died toward the close of the year 1793. His land is surveyed after his death that year. This would mean that he was only about 50 years old at his death (1743 - 1793). I guess with what he endured during a journey across the ocean, the journey from Charles Towne to their new home at the age of 9, the carving out homes and clearing fields where before were only wilderness, the Indian Wars, the days of the Regulators, and the Revolutionary War, to mention but a few hardships, would tend to shorten one's life."

More About C
AKA (Facts Pg): Johann Jakob Volmar
Burial: Fulmer Family Cemetery, under Lake Murray
Military service: Captain in Revolution, Col. Philemon Waters Regiment

Notes for N

See "Colonial Ancestors of the Fulmers of SC and the Folmars of AL", compiled and published by L. W. Folmar which states that Jacob Folmer was born on 1/31/1744 in Unterhausen, Wurttemburg, Germany. He married Nancy Lightfoot (Probably his second wife), reported to have been a red-haired Spanish Lady. He goes on to say, could she have been an Indian?

Shealy Family Genealogy 1752-1992 compiled by George Benet Shealy and Nancy Elaine Shealy. This states that Jacob Fulmer, Sr. and Nancy Lightfoot were from Unterhausen, Germany.
Notes by Charla Springer,

More About N
Burial: Fulmer Family Cemetery, under Lake Murray

Children of J
10. i. Jacob Walter10 Fulmer, Jr., b. 1762, Crim's Creek Area, Lexington District; d. 23 Jan 1839, Leesville, SC.
11. ii. John William Fulmer, b. 1764, Newberry County, SC; d. Abt. 1840, Newberry County, SC.
12. iii. John Fulmer, Sr., b. 1772, SC; d. 05 Nov 1869, Edgefield District, SC.
13. iv. Abrahart Fulmer, b. Abt. 1774, SC; d. 05 Nov 1846.
14. v. Matthias Fulmer, b. 1779, SC; d. 01 Oct 1816, AL.
15. vi. Michael Fulmer, b. 1781, SC; d. Abt. 1816.
16. vii. Adam Fulmer, b. 1782; d. 13 Oct 1857, Chapin, SC.



Capt. John LIGHTFOOT English Trader Cherokee Lands 1700's

 Capt. John LIGHTFOOT English Trader Cherokee Lands 1700's
Jeff Brashear  (View posts) Posted: 10 Dec 1999 7:55PM GMT
Classification: Query
Surnames: Lightfoot, Duncan, Landrum
In my line I have Cherokee blood on my mother's side back to Capt. John Lightfoot who was father of Dorcas Lightfoot Benge-Duncan she was at least half, maybe full-blood Cherokee. John Lightfoot was a trader and English representative and soldier in the Cherokee lands. In Cherokee Planters In Georgia 1832-1838 by Don Shadburn it states on p. 220:
Dorcas Duncan, "a half-blood old woman" on the Etowah river, widow of Charles gordon Duncan, a white man, took a reservation of 640 acres under the Cherokee treaty signed 7/6/1817. This tract was surveyed on Wahoo (Warhoo or Waughoo) Creek in Hall County. In 1823, like many other reservees, she sold her reservation of land to Georgia commisioners, receiving $1500 on 6/21. her improvements in Lumpkin County joined the land of her son-in-law, james Landrum (he married Rebecca Duncan and had 13 children), and were "pointed out' to the agents by her grandson, Charles E. Landrum. Mrs. Duncan ( nee Lightfoot). a member of the Deer Clan, had changed her residence to Cherokee County at the time of the removal treaty.
Likely ancestors for Dorcas:
Henry Lightfoot, d. 1754
1. Thomas Lightfoot
m. Honor Pierce
a. John Lightfoot
m. ? Cherokee woman
1) Dorcas Lightfoot
2) Ga-ho-ga Foster Lightfoot
Capt. John Lightfoot b.1725; son of Phillip Lightfoot, Jr. b. 1689
Capt. John Lightfoot. He was born in 1725 and was the son of Phillip Lightfoot and Mary Armistead. He married a Cherokee woman, Ga-Ho-Ga. They had two daughters: (1)Dorcas Benge Lightfoot (who married first to a man named Benge and second to Charles Gordon Duncan) and (2)Nancy Lightfoot (who married first to James Foster and second to John Adair - Emmit Starr refers to her as Ge-Ho-Ga Foster). Because the Lightfoot family was so prominent, there is much research done on this family. John Lightfoot seems to disappear after his marriage to the Cherokee woman. Although it is reasonable that the family would be through with him for marrying an Indian, I wonder if there are any researchers out there with anything additional on Capt. James Lightfoot. I have a lot of info on him and his Cherokee family once married to Ga-Ho-Ga, but nothing on James himself, just his wealthy and important Lightfoot family. Where did he get the title, "Capt."? Does any Lightfoot researcher have info on his marriage to an Indian? I would love to hear from anyone.
My name is William A. Lightfoot. I am a direct decendant of Phillip "The Merchant Prince" Lightfoot which you referred to in this post. There is a history of seafaring in the Lightfoot family. One Phillip Lightfoot (there were four sucessive generations of Phillips) was involved in the Antigua Company. They sailed from the colonies to Antigua establishing a settlement there named Lightfoots. I have no real evidence, but I believe they were probably involved in the slave trade, as Phillip "The Merchant Prince" had extensive plantation holdings from Virginia, through North and South Carolina, into Georgia and Alabama. I believe Capt. John Lightfoot was involved in that operation.

I believe it was Capt. John Lightfoot's marriage to Ga-Ho-Ga that began the misinformation about Lightfoot being a native American name. After all, her name after marriage would have been go-ho-ga "Indian sounding" name. My grandfather and my father and his siblings went to their graves thinking that they were at least one quarter Cherokee Indian. After thirty years of research on the Lightfoot family and name, the Go-Ho-Ga connection is the only one I have ever found that is a legit connection to Cherokee Indians; and John Lightfoot was only my great grandfather's great uncle. They were not related by blood at all.

There is a lot of information available on the internet concerning Phillip "The Merchant Prince" Lightfoot. Just google that name and you will find more than a days worth of reading.

Wm. A. Lightfoot
Capt. John Lightfoot's wifes name was Ga-Ho-Ga. I have been told that this name means "beautiful woman". Maybe this is why I have seen her daughter, Nancy Lightfoot referred to as Ga-Ho-Ga Foster. (She married a Foster 1st and had daughter, Jennie Doublehead Foster who married James Clement Vann in Spring Place.) Nancy (Ga-Ho-Ga) Foster later married John Adair. (I am not looking at my notes right now, so don't have dates for you.)
Capt. John Lightfoot's other daughter was Dorcus Lightfoot. She is my ancestor and she married Charles Duncan. There is a post from you on Dec. 10, 1999 on Genforum regarding the origin of the Lightfoot name that also states all of this and it references Don Shadburn's book, "Cherokee Planters in Georgia".
From Dorcus Lightfoot Duncan came Emily Duncan who married Alexander Kell and they had a daughter Elizabeth Kell among many other children. Elizabeth Kell married Lewis Ralston. It is through this line that I became a member of the Cherokee Nation. I have three other Cherokee lines in my ancestry, but this is the one I used to enter into membership. I believe that Emett Starr's book, "History of the Cherokees" also has information about this line.
Regarding Capt. John Lightfoot's lineage, my post states that I am looking for further information regarding his ancestry. I have no proof of his parentage. The only thing that I feel certain about is the ancestry coming from Capt. John Lightfoot and Ga-Ho-Ga. If Starr printed it and Don Shadburn printed it and I consider these two to be exceptional researchers, I feel confident with this information. Also, because of all of the different census that the Cherokee's went through including the Dawes' Rolls and these names kept showing up and I was able to join the Cherokee Nation through this line, I believe it to be fact.
I have always thought it hard to believe that someone with such a wealthy and important family as the Lightfoots would have a member marry a Cherokee but I guess stranger things have happened or we wouldn't have the Jerry Spinger Show, now would we? The Cherokee were poligamists and Capt. John Lightfoot may have also had a white wife.
If you have any further info, I would love to hear it.

  of 1931



ID: I054
Name: Daniel Matthias FULMER
Sex: M
Birth: 1828 in South Carolina
Death: 1885 in Arkansas
Burial: Blasengame Cemetery, El Paso, Arkansas

Father: John C FULMER b: 4 JUL 1801
Mother: Mary Ann WAITS b: 7 SEP 1804

Marriage 1 Amanda M Ingram Nunn PRUITT b: 1835 in England County, Alabama
Lucetta Frances FULMER b: 1866 in Mississippi

Lucetta Frances Fulmer
Sex: F
Birth: 1866 in Mississippi
Death: 1905 in Arkansas
Burial: Monk Cemetary, Ward, AR

Father: Daniel Matthias Fulmer b: 1828 in South Carolina
Mother: Amanda M Ingram Nunn Pruitt b: 1835 in England County, Alabama

Marriage 1 Robert Henry Alread b: 1868 in Arkansas
Married: 1 DEC 1884 in Conway County, AR
Married: in Marriage record reads: R.H. Albread
Married: in Married Henry Noe 24 Nov 1887
Marriage fact: in Robert gone within one year of marriage
Marriage License: in Arkansas Marriages 1851-1900
Marriage Ending Status: Separation
Betty Alread b: 7 MAY 1885 in Arkansas

*Amanda M Ingram Nunn PRUITT
Sex: F
Birth: 1835 in England County, Alabama
Birth: 1835 in Alabama/Georgia
Death: 20 MAR 1916 in Arkansas
Note: According to someone else's research, Amanda was full blooded Cherokee.

Father: Levi Toliver PRUITT b: 1799 in Hancock, Upson County, Georgia
Mother: Hixey J. LEWIS b: 1803 in Georgia

Marriage 1 Daniel Matthias FULMER b: 1828 in South Carolina
Lucetta Frances FULMER b: 1866 in Mississippi

Name: Levi Toliver PRUITT
Sex: M
Birth: 1799 in Hancock, Upson County, Georgia
Death: 18 JUL 1874 in Van Buren County, Arkansas

Father: Samuel Daniel PRUITT b: in Ireland
Mother: Amanda DYER b: in North Carolina

Marriage 1 Hixey J. LEWIS b: 1803 in Georgia
Married: 21 SEP 1826 in Upson County, GA
Amanda M Ingram Nunn PRUITT b: 1835 in England County, Alabama
Name: John C FULMER
Sex: M
Birth: 4 JUL 1801
Death: OCT 1862
Father: Matthias FULMER b: 1779 in South Carolina
Mother: Mary Christina STUCK b: 1778
Name: Eberhard VOLMAR
Sex: M
Birth: 16 JAN 1654/55 in Germany
Death: 1 SEP 1726 in Germany
Father: Johann Jakob VOLMAR b: 1 AUG 1626 in Germany
Mother: Anna Maria SCHIELIN b: 8 JAN 1628/29 in Germany

Marriage 1 Anna Catharina ZENGERIN b: 14 MAY 1670 in Germany Death: 4 SEP 1743 in Germany Father: Matthaeus ZANGER b: 1644 in Germany

Eberhard Ludwig VOLMAR b: 1697 in Germany

Marriage 1 Mary Ann WAITS b: 7 SEP 1804
Daniel Matthias FULMER b: 1828 in South Carolina
Name: Matthias FULMER
Sex: M
Birth: 1779 in South Carolina
Death: 1 OCT 1816 in Alabama

Father: Capt Johann Jacob FULMER b: 1744
Mother: Nancy LIGHTFOOT b: 1740

Marriage 1 Mary Christina STUCK b: 1778
John C FULMER b: 4 JUL 1801
Name: Capt Johann Jacob FULMER (He went by the names VOLLMER, VOLMER, FOLMER, FULLMER, FULMORE, ETC. IN ENGLISH)
Sex: M
Title: Captain
Name: Johann Jacob FULMER
Birth: 1744
Death: 1798
Military Service: Captain Revolutionary War-South Carolina Militia.

Father: Eberhard Ludwig VOLMAR b: 1697 in Germany
Mother: Agnes Mockin MOCK b: 1704 in Germany

Marriage 1 Nancy LIGHTFOOT b: 1740
Matthias FULMER b: 1779 in South Carolina

Nancy Lightfoot, I dont think was Indian because she had Red Hair

Name: Nancy LIGHTFOOT 1
Sex: F
Death: 3 MAY 1795 in Lexington County, South Carolina 1
Note: Described as red headed.

Marriage 1 Johann Jakob FULMER b: 31 JAN 1743/44 in Germany
Rosa FULMER b: in South Carolina
William FULMER b: BET. 1760 - 1769
Johann Jacob FULMER b: 1762 in South Carolina
Mary Elizabeth FULMER b: 1766
John FULMER b: 1770
Catherine Christina FULMER b: 1772
Abrahart FULMER b: 1774
Matthais FULMER b: 1779
Adam FULMER b: 1784 in Lexington,South Carolina


Name: Eberhard Ludwig VOLMAR
Sex: M
Birth: 1697 in Germany
Death: in Germany

Father: Eberhard VOLMAR b: 16 JAN 1654/55 in Germany
Mother: Anna Catharina ZENGERIN b: 14 MAY 1670 in Germany

Marriage 1 Agnes Mockin MOCK b: 1704 in Germany
Capt Johann Jacob FULMER b: 1744


Name: Agnes Mockin MOCK
Sex: F
Birth: 1704 in Germany
Death: 1790 in Germany

Father: Jerg MECKH

Marriage 1 Eberhard Ludwig VOLMAR b: 1697 in Germany

Name: Johann Jakob VOLMAR
Sex: M
Birth: 1 AUG 1626 in Germany
Death: 20 JUL 1669

Father: Haynrich VOLMAR b: 23 FEB 1589/90
Mother: Anna MARIA b: 1571

Marriage 1 Anna Maria SCHIELIN b: 8 JAN 1628/29 in Germany


Name: Haynrich VOLMAR
Sex: M
Birth: 23 FEB 1589/90

Father: Simplicius the Younger VOLMAR b: 19 MAY 1563 in Germany
Mother: MARGARETHA b: 1571

Marriage 1 Anna MARIA b: 1571

Name: Simplicius the Younger VOLMAR
Sex: M
Name: Simplicius VOLMAR
Birth: 19 MAY 1563 in Germany
Death: 1630

Father: Simplicius the Elder VOLMAR b: 1530 in Germany
Mother: Barbara SCHWARTZ

Marriage 1 MARGARETHA b: 1571
Haynrich VOLMAR b: 23 FEB 1589/90

Name: Simplicius the Elder VOLMAR
Sex: M
Name: Simplicius VOLMAR
Birth: 1530 in Germany
Death: 1572 in Germany

Father: Michael VOLMAR b: 1500 in Germany

Marriage 1 Barbara SCHWARTZ

Name: Michael VOLMAR
Sex: M
Birth: 1500 in Germany
Death: AFT. 1546 in Germany

Father: Hans VOLMAR b: 1450

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
Simplicius the Elder VOLMAR b: 1530 in Germany
Name: Hans VOLMAR
Sex: M
Birth: 1450

Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
Michael VOLMAR b: 1500 in Germany




Eberhard Volmer Family

Eberhard Volmer petitioned in S.C. for bounty on 26 October 1752 stating that he had a wife and four children: Catherine 20; John about 18; Mary 6 ½; and Jacob, about 9 years old. They had arrived on the ship "Caledonia" at Charleston and he had paid Messrs Austin and Lawrence their freight (Council Journal Vol 20, p. 449).  He obtained a 300 acre bounty grant on waters of Crims Creek southeast of St. John's Lutheran Church, Pomaria.  Old land records show that his son, John Fulmer, was later owner of this land grant.

Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer was born 6 August 1697, Unterhausen, Germany, son of Eberhard Volma (Miller) and Catharina Zanger.   He married 29 November 1719 (as first wife) Catherine Schielin (Shealy), born 7 February 1697, died 1728, daughter of Michael Schülin and Christina Bader.  On 23  November 1729 Eberhard Vollmer was remarried to Agnes Meck born 7 January 1705, daughter of Jerg Meck .

  A history of this family entitled "Fulmers of the Dutch Fork" was published by Oliver Bryan Fulmer in 1995.  Some of the information for the following outline was published in the Dutch Fork Digest Vol. IX, 1994. 

                          Children of Eberhard Vollmer and Catherine Schielin

I. Eberhard Vollmer, married 20 October 1750, Maria Barbara Epplin.

II.    Michael Vollmer born 20 March 1722, died 22 March 1722.

III.  Michael Vollmer (Farmer) born 13 January 1724 died 14 July 1778 married 2 September 1749 Margaretha Stoss born 1724 died 11 January 1799, daughter of Ludwig Stoss (Forester) and Ursula Schenzel of Unterhausen, Germany.  Michael Fulmer did not come to America with his father's family and lived out his life in Unterhausen.

A. Unnamed daughter Vollmer born and died 10 March 1752

B. Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer (Forestry Official) born 11 September 1753, married Margaretha Wick, daughter of Johann Michael Wick (Schoolmaster) and Maria Elisabetha Haid.

C. Catharina Vollmer, born 4 May 1756, died 13 May 1756.

D. Johann Friederich Vollmer (Farmer), born 1 Jan 1762, married 5 April 1785, Margaretha Reiff, daughter of Johannes Reiff (Shoemaker).

E. Michael Vollmer, born 13 October 1765, died 11 May 1769.

IV.   Johann Wilhelm Vollmer born 25 October 1726, died 2 April 1728

Children of Eberhard Fulmer and Agnes Meck:

V. Christine Catherine Vollmer born 9 April 1730 (Emigrated to SC with parents)

VI.  Johann Jakob Vollmer born 13 January 1732 died 7 July 1732

VII. Johannes Vollmer born 8 February 1733 (Emigrated to SC with parents). He married Anna Maria ______.  Johannes served in the Cherokee War of 1759-1761.  His family lived in the St. John's Lutheran Church neighborhood of Lexington District, SC.

A. John Fulmer, Jr (II) born about 1753 died 10 May 1834 married unknown born 1750-1759 died 1800-1809.

1. William Fulmer II born 1771, died 1790-1799 married  ____ Dominick daughter of John Dominick

2.  John Fulmer III born about 1773, died 1800-1809, married Mary Catherine Chapman born 1770-1779, died 1840-1849, daughter of Abraham and Ann Elizabeth Chapman.  Catherine married 2) George Adam Summer born 28 October 1760, died October 1834.

a. Unnamed Male Fulmer

b. Abram Fulmer born 10 August 1791, died 15 April 1854, married Elizabeth Catherine Lindler born 5 November 1789, died 7 October 1872, daughter of Jacob and Sarah Eargle Lindler

c. John Adam Fulmer born 15 May 1794, died 1865 CSA, married Sarah (Sallie) Salome Ridlehuber born 1793, died 1885, daughter of George Michael Ridlehuber and Magdalene Wicker.

d. William Fulmer born about 1800, died December 1848

e. Elizabeth Fulmer born 1810, married 1) Adam Chapman born 1802, died  September 1833, son of  John and Anna  Chapman and married 2) before 11 May 1835, Joseph Counts born 1813, died after 1850, son of John and  Margaret Counts.

3. Eberhardt Fulmer born 14 April 1778, died 26 June 1858, married Mary Ann Long born 2 February 1786, died 12 August 1863, daughter of George Long and Catherine Bowers.

a. Elizabeth (Betsy) Fulmer born 4 June 1809, died 20 June 1887.

b. Joseph William Fulmer born 10 December 1816, died 1864/65 CSA, married 12 April 1849 Jane Sawyer born 15 March 1825, died 19 October 1863, daughter of George Sawyer, Sr

c.  James Wilson Fulmer born 14 March 1819, died 29 May 1888.

4. Margaret Fulmer born 1780-1789, died after 1860 (Possible daughter of John Fulmer Jr.) married. June 1805, Jacob Setzler born 1790, died 11 June 1812, son of George Adam Setzler.  She married 2) January 1814, Honorius Sheppard died 17 May 1859

B.  William Fulmer born about 1763/64, died 28 May 1842, married Mary Elizabeth (Susie) Ridlehuber born1760-1769, died 1810-1819, daughter of George Michael Ridlehuber and Magdalene Wicker.

1. Christena (Tena) Fulmer born about 1784, married 1) Wilbur Summer and 2) _____  Rikard, moved to TN

2. Catherine Elizabeth Fulmer born about 1785, died 28 September 1871, married 1) 1806 William Summer, Jr. born 1787, died November 1818, son of William Summer and Margaret Sease; married 2) about 1822, John Jacob Addy born 12 November 1798, died 23 October 1857.

Children from first marriage:

a.  Mary Margaret Summer born about 1810

b. Elizabeth Summer born 12 May 1812, died 14 March 1856 married 1) 1832 David Chapman

c. Selina Summer born about 1815

d. George Michael Summer born 1815, married Mary Magdaline Chapman Summer Addy born 23 September 1814, died 23 March 1884, daughter of John Chapman and Anna Mary ____ .

e. William Anderson Summer born about 1816, married Susannah Setzler born 1820, died 1850 daughter of John Setzler

3. Hannah Charlotte Fulmer born 1782, married 1811, David Summer born 1778, son of Henry Summer and Christine Dominick. Moved to Morgan County, TN before 1850.

4. Margaret Fulmer born about 1798, died 1878

5.  Polly Fulmer born 1786, married Jesse Addy, moved to TN.

6.  Eva Fulmer born 1788, married  Mike Fulmer, son of Michael Fulmer

7. John Fulmer born 1791, died 1822

8. Katherine Fulmer  born 1793, married William Epting, son of Adam Epting

9.  George Michael (Mike) Fulmer born about 1795, died 7 November 1853, married Nancy Eleazer born 2 May 1799, died 9 December 1871, daughter of Simeon Eleazer and Mary Bennett.

a. Martha Fulmer born 1821, married John Long, son of  Jacob Long

b. Bertha Fulmer born about 1823, married  ______ Williams

c. Louisa C. Fulmer born about 1825, died 4 April 1891, married Levi J. Derrick born about 1812,  died 26 December 1895, son of Andrew Derrick, Jr. and Catherine Hiller.  Both buried at Macedonia Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC

d. William E. Fulmer born 1829, died 1850-1859

e. Oliver Perry Fulmer born 22 January 1832, died 3 April 1882, married 1) Mary Happy Koon, daughter of David Koon; married 2) Mary Catherine Monts born 1839, died 8 November 1892, daughter of William Monts and Mary A. Shealy.  Oliver and Mary Happy are buried at Fulmer-Summer family cemetery, Little Mountain, SC.  Mary Catherine is buried at Fulmer family cemetery.

f. George Michael Fulmer born about 1835, died 13 December 1863 Richmond, VA - CSA, married Louisa Monts born 26 September 1842, died 29 December 1909, daughter of William Monts and Mary A. Shealy.  She married 2) 26 September 1866, Walter Franklin Lindler born 12 December1847, died 1935. She and second husband buried at Lindler-Eargle family cemetery, Chapin, SC.

g. Mary Ann Fulmer born 19 November 1836, died 25 February 1879, married 1) Jeremiah Derrick born 1814, died 1859, son of Andrew Derrick, Jr. and Catherine Hiller; married  2) William Richard Eargle born 28 September 1830, died 9 November 1896, son of John Henry Eargle and Elizabeth Sites.

h. John Edwin Fulmer born 9 March 1839, died 13 January 1910, married Mary Martha Shealy born 31 August 1842, died. 29 December 1925, daughter of John Windel Shealy and Susannah M. Epting.  Both buried Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, Spring Hill, SC.

i. Henry Junius (Uncle Mid) Fulmer born 8 August 1841, died 9 March 1917, married Nancy Ellen Freshley born 24 December 1838, died 15 January 1898, daughter of Joseph Freshley and Martha Jane Lucas.  Both buried Freshley family cemetery, White Rock, SC.  Nancy Ellen Freshley Fulmer's first husband was Jeremiah Sanders Bouknight died CSA, son of Jesse Bouknight and Naomi Meetze.

j. Harriet Rebecca Fulmer born 20 March 1844, died 30 March 1918, married  Thomas  G. M. Lippard/Leppard born 1847, died unknown CSA, son of Rev. John Wiley Lippard and Rebecca Caughman.  She is buried at Mt. Olivet Lutheran Church, Spring Hill, SC.

k. Nancy Ellen Fulmer born 1847, married George David Ellisor born November 1850 died 17 August 1932, son of  John Ellisor.

10.  Molly Fulmer born 1800, married William Swittenburg, Jr. born 1795, son of William Eberhart and Elizabeth Setzler Swittenberg

11. Mary Fulmer married Sanders Cumalander 

VIII.   Maria Agnes Vollmer born 5 October 1734, died May 1739.

IX.   Matthäus Vollmer born 5 March 1736, died 8 September 1738

X.  Maria Ursula Vollmer born 3 May 1738, died 12 April 1739

XI. Anna Maria Vollmer born 22 June 1739, died unknown in Dutch Fork, SC (Emigrated to SC with parents)

XII.   Maria Agnes Vollmer born 10 June 1741, died 23 May 1742

XIII.   Maria Barbara Vollmer born 8 November 1742, died 17 December 1742

XIV.    Johann Jakob Vollmer born 21 January 1744, died before 1797. (Emigrated to SC with parents) Jacob Fulmer was Captain of a Dutch Fork militia unit in 1781 and 1782 under Col. Philemon Waters during the Revolutionary War (Indent No. 1188X).

     After the Revolutionary War, Jacob Fulmer settled in the Macedonia Lutheran Church area of the Dutch Fork of Lexington County, SC.  He obtained several land grants in this area and

probably also owned the western part of the 400 acre land grant of Wendel Shealy.  The Shealy land later belonged to Adam Fulmer and was the site of the Fulmer Family Graveyard on Lake Murray Option No. 563 (Lake Murray Records). This cemetery is located at the edge of Lake Murray at the end of R. B. Baker Road.

    Also in the Macedonia Church area was the late Colonial land grant of Mary Litcey

(Lightsey, daughter of Johann Jacob Leitzinger/Lightsey).  She was most probably the wife of Capt. Jacob Fulmer (parts of her grant and Ulrick Mayer land grant were later sold (Singley to Ballentine, Lexington Deeds R-253).   Mary Ann Amick Alewine, granddaughter of Capt. Jacob Fulmer, said her grandmother was a "Lites".

A. Jacob Fulmer Jr. born 1762, died about 1839, 1) unknown and 2) 1813 Elizabeth Able born 1780.

Children by unknown first wife:

1. John Nicholas Fulmer born about 1785, died 1840, married 1) Elizabeth Lansdale born about 1789, died 5 June 1835, moved about 1820 near Montgomery, AL and married 2) about 1836/37, Elizabeth Jeffcoat.

a.  Isaac Fulmer born 1811, died 8 May 1856, married Mary Edwards.

b. Jacob Fulmer born about 1813, died 1859, married Sarah Edwards born about 1821.

c. Abraham Fulmer born 15 August 1815, died 14 September 1892 TX, married Cicely A. S. Thomas.

d. John Lansdale Fulmer born about 1818, married Mary Jane Blake.

e. James Anderson Fulmer born 8 February 1822, died 29 October 1903, married  Mary Ann Sikes.

f. Jesse Fulmer born 28 June 1825, died 14 January 1883, married Matilda Tiner born about 1827, died 1888.

g. George Smith Fulmer born 11 March 1827, married Sarah Jane McCormick born about 1829.

h.  Joel Fulmer born about 1832, died 19 June 1862, married Rebecca Sikes.

2. Adam Fulmer born about 1787, died 1850-1859, married Nancy _____ born about 1790, died 1860-1869.

a. Unknown Daughter Fulmer

b. Levi Fulmer born about 1810, died after 1870, married about 1829, Dicey Self born about 1810, daughter of Daniel Self

c.  Jacob F. Fulmer born about 1815, died after1860, married about 1839 Lydia ____ born about 1817, died before 1860

d. William Fulmer born about 1817, died about 1838, married Sarah Morris  born about 1815, died 1840-1849

e. Asa Fulmer born about 1819, died after 1850, married 1) Mrs. Sarah Morris Fulmer (widow of William) born about 1815, died 1840-1849, and married 2) 20 December 1849, Mary Kindrick born about 1828.

f.  Nancy Fulmer born 25 December 1820, died 25 July 1899, married Joseph Morris born 14 February 1819, died 12 August 1887

g.   Ephraim Greene Fulmer born 7 May 1823, died 13 April 1901, married Mary R. Coleman (?)  born 20 March 1827, died 21 December 1910

h.   Manuel Fulmer born about 1826, married Sarah Hayes born about 1825, died after 1880

i.  Julia Ann Fulmer born 25 December 1826, died 14 December 1892 LA, married 14 July 1847, Martin Morris born about 1826 TN, moved to Jackson Parish, LA

j.  Samuel Fulmer born about March 1828, died 1900 AR, married Mary Matilda Chappell born about 1829, died 1895

k.  Sarah A. Fulmer born 15 April 1837, died 27 Deceber 1929

3. Jacob Walter Fulmer born 15 July 1799, died 5 April 1851, married Mary Magdelene Counts Summer Gallman born 1796, died 14 April 1873.  Both buried in Pitts Cemetery, Newnan, GA.

a. Rev. John William Fulmer born 22 January 1825, died 18 June 1903, married 11 February 1844, Rachel E. Cotton born 1829, died 11 August 1899, moved to Coosa County, AL about 1867.

b. George W. Fulmer born 1827, married 2 July 1848, Amy Waldrop born 4 February 1833, died 29 September 1921, moved to New Edinburg, AR after 1850.

c. Walter F. Fulmer born 9 July 1829, died 27 June 1854, married 21 September 1849, Susannah C. Ridlehuber born 23 September 1833, died 9 November 1857

d.  Sarah Elizabeth Fulmer married 2 November 1844, died before 1872, married John Benton, moved to TX.

e. Susanna Catherine Fulmer born 4 August 1831, died 13 April 1900, married 13 December 1846, Giles Pitts born 6 August  1825, died 18 January 1902

f. Mary A. or M. Fulmer born 4 February 1834, died 3 March 1875, married 15 January 1851, John Calhoun Puckett born 24 December 1829, died 11 August 1878

g. Martha Ann Fulmer born 1837, married  ______ Cromer and 2) 3 January 1872,  John Benton (1st husband to Martha's sister, Sarah Elizabeth)

4. Daniel Fulmer born about 1808, died about 1838, married Sophia Carmichael.  She married 2) 24 September 1843, Gabriel Spruel

a. James Patrick Fulmer born about 1823, married Rachel Grey born 1826

b. Rev. William Robert Fulmer born 18 May 1827, died 18 May 1900, married 13 April 1842, Mary Ann Spruel and 2) Eliza _____ .

c.  Green L. Fulmer born about 1828/29, died 1850-1859, married Charlotte ____

d. Levi F. Fulmer born about  1830/31, died February 1850, married Martha Eliza Roberson

e. Mary Fulmer born 1830-1839

f. Mary Ann Fulmer born 1830-1839, married 4 January 1854, James T. Sprewell, probably son of  Gabriel Sprewell

g.  Chappell Fulmer born about 1837

Child by Elizabeth Able:

5. Jacob F. Fulmer, Jr. born about 1815, died about1859, married Eliza Patterson born 1821, died 29 October 1889

a.  Ephraim Fulmer born about 1841

b.  Nancy Fulmer born about 1843

c. Benjamin Fulmer born about 1845

d. Hulda Fulmer born about 1846

e. Eliza Fulmer born about 1848

f. Sim Hugh Fulmore born  25 April 1856, died 9 February 1930, married Frances Lydia  Ann White born 17 May 1862, died 22 November 1921

         B.  John William Fulmer born 1760-1769, died about 1810, married Margaret Anistasia Shealy (Able) born about 1773, died about 1840, daughter of John Wendel Shealy and Anna Mary Epting. She married 2) before 1818, Theophilus Wilson of Fairfield County, SC.

1. Sarah Fulmer born about 1793, married Henry Seay born about 1790

2. Lucy Ann Fulmer born about 1807

3. John William Fulmer, Jr. born about 1810, married _____ Holman, daughter of William Holman

C. Mary Elizabeth Fulmer born 1766, died November 1836, married John Gasper (Jasper) Amick born 1760-1769, died after 1850, son of Henry Amick

1.  John William (Billy) Amick born 28 March 1807, died 6 August 1892, married Mary Ann Elizabeth Nates born 8 May 1819, died 31 March 1878.  Both buried Macedonia Lutheran Church, Prosperity, SC

2. Sallie Amick born about 1812

3. Mary Ann Amick born 28 April 1813, died 14 February 1888, married 5 January 1837, John George Slice born 1811, died 28 December 1856

4. Rosannah Amick born about 1814

5. Daniel Amick born 8 November 1814, died 22 April 1875, married 1) Menora Germima Russell Warner born  4 May 1814,  died 7 April 1887, daughter of George and Rachel Slice Warner.  Both buried Amick family cemetery.

6.  Elizabeth Amick born about 1816

7. Julia Ann Amick born about 1820

8. Levi Amick born about 1822, died 26 Oct ober1884

D. John Fulmer born about 1772, died 5 November 1869, married 1) unknown and 2) Fannie Watts Williams.

1. James W. Fulmer born 1804, died 1878, married 1) _____ Ziegler daughter of Daniel Ziegler and 2) 1828, Delinda (Lennie) Jackson born 1810, died 1891

Children by second marriage:

a.  William Westley Fulmer born 4 October 1830, died  7 March 1902

b.  James Riley Fulmer born 2 June 1835, died 22 March 1915

c.  Adam J. Fulmer born 22 August 1839, died 18 August 1903

d. Levi Fulmer born 2 June 1842, died 24 July1911

e. Darling Fulmer born 10 May 1848, died 1906

2. David Fulmer born about 1806, died 1850-1859, married Martha Gibson born about 1810, died after 1860

a. Nancy Fulmer born 14 December 1831, married Duke Arthur

b. John D. Fulmer born about 1835, died CSA

c.  William D. Fulmer born about 1838, died before 1861, married Amanda Franklin

d.  Watt Fulmer born about 1845, died CSA

e. Alccannah Fulmer died infancy

3.  Thomas Fulmer born 1810-1819 died 1865 married Mary Holsonbake born about  1821

4. Adam Fulmer born 3 October 1817 died 11 November 1881 married Eliza Holsonbake

5. John Fulmer born about 1819 died 1845

E.  Catherine Christine Fulmer born 1772 died April 1847 (?) married John Jacob Amick died 1812, son of  Henry Amick

1. David Amick born 1 May 1794, died 26 September 1854, married Anna Nancy Long born 19 January 1800, died 9 February 1876, daughter of Christian Long and Elizabeth Weed.

2. Mary Ann Amick born 10 March 1797, died 14 April 1909, married 1 November 1849, Daniel Alewine born 17 February 1813, died 16 February 1907, moved to Dandridge, TN

3.  Jacob Amick born 1805, died after 1850, married Jemima Long born 1807, died after 1850

4. Christener Amick born about 1813, married 13 November 1820, Emmanuel Hallman

5.  John Henry Amick born 1818, died before 1870, married Mary Catherine Caroline Johns born 13 July 1814, died 29 November 1891.  Both buried Amick-Lindler family cemetery.

F. Abrahart Fulmer born about  1774, died 5 November 1846, married Mary Susanna Summer born about 1774, died 1840-1849, daughter of Henry Summer and Christina Dominick.

1.  Sarah Elizabeth Fulmer born 6 May 1795, died 1865, married Jack Lybrand born 1 May 1791, died 1864.

2. Polly Fulmer born about 1796/7, married Mathias Shealy born 1801.

3. Matthais Fulmer born 1790-1799, died young.

4. John Fulmer born February 1801, died 10 May 1863, married Elizabeth Wessinger born 2 December 1806 died 10 August 1883.

a.  Henry Fulmer born about 1821.

b.  Julia Fulmer born about 1823.

c. Kissiah Fulmer born about 1830.

d. Mipney Fulmer born about 1834.

e.  Sarah Fulmer born about 1840.

f. Noah Fulmer born about 1843.

g. William Fulmer born about 1846.

h. Luther Fulmer born about 1849.

5. William F. Fulmer born 20 December 1801, died 1880-1889, married Sarah Lybrand born about 1804

a.  Wiley Fulmer born about 1828.

b.  Henry Fulmer born about 1831.

c. Mary Fulmer born about 1834.

d. Jos. Fulmer born about 1838.

e.  Wesley Fulmer born about 1840.

f.  Eady Fulmer born about 1842.

g.  Nancy Fulmer born about 1843.

6.  Michael Fulmer born about 1804, died about 1892, married Sally Fulmer, daughter of Matthias Fulmer.

a.  Mark Fulmer born about 1827

b.  Lydia Fulmer born about  1829

c. Anna Fulmer born about 1832

d. Vina Fulmer born about  1834

e. Mary Fulmer born about 1836

f. Matilda Fulmer born about 1838

g. Wilson Fulmer born about 1841

h. Amanda Fulmer born about 1843

i. Martha Fulmer born about 1844

7.  Joel Fulmer born.11 May 1807, died 17 April 1877, married Mary Ann Fulmer born 22 December 1807, died 23 July 1876, daughter of Matthias Fulmer.

a. Jesse Nathaniel Fulmer born about 1829.

b. Levi Fulmer born about 1831.

c.  David Fulmer born about 1833.

d.  William P. Fulmer born about 1835.

e.  Jas. W. Fulmer born about 1837.

f.  Christena Fulmer born about 1839.

g. Rosanna Fulmer born about 1842.

h. Joel P. Fulmer born about 1845.

i.  Mary Ann Fulmer born about 1848.

8.  David Fulmer born 1810 died after 1880 married Emily Naomi Wessinger born 1817.

a. Reuben Fulmer born about 1836.

b. Margaret Fulmer born about 1838.

c.  Amanda Fulmer born about 1839.

d. Happy Fulmer born about 1841.

e. Jane Fulmer born about 1844.

f. Isaiah Fulmer born about 1845 AL.

g.  Eliza Fulmer born about 1849 AL.

9.   Rosa Fulmer born 28 September 1814, died 4 October 1911 married William Epting born 26 September 1811, died 22 April 1892.

10. Mary Fulmer born September 1817 died 1910-1919.

G. Matthias Fulmer born about 1779 died 1 October 1816 married Anna Christine Herring

1. John C. Fulmer born 4 July 1801 died 1862 married Mary Ann Waits born 7 September 1804.

2.  Unknown Daughter Fulmer born 1790-1799.

3.  Sally Fulmer born about 1803, married Michael Fulmer, son of Abrahart Fulmer.

4. Jacob Fulmer born about 1805, died 1860-1869, married Martha Ann Waits born 27 May 1813.

5.  Mary Ann Fulmer born 22 December 1807, married Joel Fulmer, son of Abrahart Fulmer.

6.  Elizabeth Fulmer born 29 September 1810, married Levi Waits born 16 October 1802.

7.  Unknown Daughter Fulmer born 1810-1819.

H. Michael Fulmer born about 1781, died 1810-1819, married Eve Margaret Chapman born 26 February 1782, died 27 October 1856, daughter of Abraham Chapman and Anna Elizabeth Herring.

1. Jonathan Fulmer born about 1800, died 5 July 1856, married Mary M. Hipp born about 1802.

I. Adam Fulmer born about 1784, died 13 October 1857, married Mary Catherine Rister, born 1785, daughter of Christian Rister.

1.  John George Fulmer born 17 January 1813, died 20 November 1902, married 1) Margaret Bowers born 5 April 1818, died 12 May 1849 and married 2) Harriet Sites born 28 June 1837, died 1 August 1915 daughter of Christian Sites and Catherine Lindler.  

2.  Joseph Berley Fulmer born 8 October 1818, died 3 October 1883, married Elizabeth Rosanne Epting born 12 June 1818, died 16 September 1907, daughter of David Epting and Elizabeth Rinehart.

3.  Manuel Elijah Fulmer born 22 July 1815, died 4 July 1840, memorial at St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

4. Samuel Fulmer born 10 April 1821, died 15 April 1856, married Mary Ann Bowers born 25 January 1825, died 20 December 1907, daughter of John Jacob Bowers and Anna Catherine Mayer.  She is buried St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.  He has memorial at St. Thomas Lutheran Church, Chapin, SC.

5. John Frederick (Fed) Fulmer born 14 February 1824, died 1 April 1903, married 1) 31 August 1844, Elizabeth Catherine Wheeler born October 1825, died 19 April 1852, daughter of  John Simeon Wheeler and Elizabeth Mayer; married  2) 30 December 1854, Sarah Ann Catherine Fulmer born about 1839, died 10 November 1883, daughter of  John Fulmer and Elizabeth Wessinger.  All three buried at Fed Fulmer family cemetery

XV.  Magdelene Sybilla Vollmer born 26 April 1745, died 24 May 1746

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