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1 Pierre Noe (circa 1584 Poitou , France to 1660 in Poitou ,,, France ) unnamed parents

2 Pierre Noe, Sr (1610 Poitou-Charentes, France to 1636 in Kirkcudbrightshire,Scotland) m. Sarah Anneke Annekka Jans (circa 1612 Walleslant, Zeeland ,, Holland to 1680 in New York ,, New York , USA )

3 Pierre Noe (circa 1636 to Poitou, France to Died December 1709 in Rahway, Middlesex Co., NJ) Margaret Clark Dumont (circa 1638 Comines, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France to 1709 in N)

4 John Noe (1649 to Kirkcudbright, Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland to May 11, 1725 in Charles County, MD) Sarah Tennison (1693 in Charles County, MD, to 1693 in Charles County, MD,

5 Peter Noe, Sr. (1730 Charles, MD, to November 7, 1787 in Clark, KY,) m. Hannah Noe (1720 Orange Co, NC to September 13, 1781 in Orange , NC ) unnamed parents

6. John Calvin Noe, I (circa 1745 Orange Co, VA, Colonial America to 16, 1816 in Lee County, VA, Elizabeth Patricia Noe (circa 1755 to July 23, 1845 in Jackson County, Indiana)

7. John Calvin Noe 1733 (1745) Virigina to 1816 North Carolina  m, Elizabeth Patrick

      7.3 Randolph Noe 1777 Virginia to 1766 Lee Co, Virginia   m. Martha Willoughby

          7.3.1 Charles William Noe 1818 Lee Co, VA to 1878 Lee Co, VA m Elizabeth Noe

           ( Marion ) Randolph Noe b. 1836 d.1902 m. Juinta Little Flower

                     Henry Willis Noe b. 1860 Kentucky m. Lucceta Fulmer

                            Joesph Noe m. Laura Jiles

                                            ` Jessie Luther Noe b.     m. Medric Troy Noe

                                            Robert Lee Noe b. 1943


     A. Granddaughter Laura “Fay” Noe, daughter of Joseph Levy Noe stated Henry had two brothers, one was named “George.” According to Fay, Henry's father was named “Randolph” and his mother was named Little Flower Juanita or Wanita a full blooded Choctaw Indian.

     B. Great Granddaughter Janet Noe, Granddaughter of James “Jake” Noe (James Nealon) stated in an email on April 4, 2007 that Henry had two brothers, George and James and according to James Nealon, Henry's father was named Randolph and his mother was a Choctaw woman named Juanita, her note states “sounds Mexican but was pretty common after the Spanish American war that a lot of Southern Native American tribes intermarried with Mexican soldiers and Mexican names became common in tribes even with children who weren't of Hispanic heritage (so it is possible that she was mixed Hispanic and Choctaw, but it doesn't necessarily mean so, she could have just had a Hispanic name, she was also known as Little Flower.”  ALSO,  Great Granddaughter Janet further related in a conversation that her Grandmother told her that she had actual met Henry's mother and stated she was a full blooded Indian and Henry's father was a fur trapper and lived in the “back woods” most of the time.

    C. Great Grandson, Richard Lott, Grandson of Alice Noe, Henry's daughter writes on Oct 10, 2008: “I spoke to my Aunt Evely yesterday . She recalls being told by her mother, Alice Noe, that Henry Noe's father was named Marion Randolph Noe.

    D. Based on the information from three of Henry's children, Alice D, James Nealon, and Joseph L. Henry's father was named Randolph or Marion Randolph plus Joseph Noe named his first child “Marion Randolph Noe” thus it is more than likely that Henry's father was named “Marion Randolph.

   E. Henry's death certificate states he was born in Summerset, Ky;  his father's name was Henry W. Noe and his mother's maiden's name was originally written as "Don't Know", which was crossed out and above it a name that looks like "Lizall Never (looks like an a or s) at the end. The date of death appears to be November 1, 1933.  The name of the father/mother was provided by someone named Smith?? 



    1.1 HENRY WILLIS NOE SUMMERSET, PULASKI CO, KENTUCKY CIR 1860, d.  MARRIED TO: LUCETTA FULMER b. Feb 1865 Mississippi Click to see photo and documents of/for Henry, click Henry  (Photo of some of Henry's children, click --->Henry's children. Henry and Lucetta are buried in Monk Cemetery, Ward, Arkansas (date of birth from 1900 census)

             1.1.1 ELIZABETH D. NOE b. Mar 1886 (age 14) Arkansas (1910 census shows she was 21)

             1.1.2 ELIZA B. NOE b. May 1888 Arkansas (age 12) (Not shown on 1910 census)

                   1.1.3.JOSEPH (LEVY) NOE b. May 1890 Arkansas (age 10) (1910 census shows he was 19)

                   1.1.4 GEORGIA D NOE b. 1892 Arkansas (age 8) (1910 census shows she was 17)

                   1.1.5 WALTER B. NOE b. Jul 1894 Arkansas (age 5) (1910 census shows he was 15)

                   1.1.6 ALICE D. NOE b. July 1896 Arkansas (age 3) (She is shown as Mary A on the 1910 census age 12)

                   1.1.7 JAMES NEALON NOE b. Dec 4, 1900 Arkansas Known as “Jake” and “Nealon” d. Feb, 1980, Beaufort, Missouri (1910 census shows he was 7)

             1.1.8 SUSIE NOE Not listed on 1900  census (1910 census shows she was 8)

                   Note: 1. The 1910 census shows he was married to Kelly, age 16 and her 3 children was living with him.

                              2. The 1920 census shows Henry married to Olma and Mary A, age 22, was his only child living with him.



    The 1900 census of Magness Township, Lonoke County, Arkansas (Click 1900 Census) shows Henry W. to be Henry B. and born in Alabama and not Kentucky. Verifying the above information with Aunt Laura Fay Noe, daughter of Joseph L Noe, a granddaughter to Henry W. Noe. She says it was common for the middle name to be used rather than the first. For example Laura Fay was known as “Fay”. Francis Lucetti is shown on the 1900 census as “Lucetti” the wife of Henry W. Lucetti died shortly after the birth of Susie of cholera. Fay provided the names of the children of Henry , which matched those shown on the 1900 census. 1920 Arkansas, Hardin Township, Faulkner County Census Shows Henry W. b 1860 (60 years old), both his father and mother from Kentucky. Residing in this home: He is married to Oma (Fay verifies he was in fact later married to a lady named Oma Reynolds) This census shows a Mary A. Noe b. 1898, age 22, Daughter, single and Lezan (Elizabeth) A. Hacher, age 30, Daugher and married (Fay says this is Henry's first child) There is an Autie T. Renyolds, age 18 single, Step Daughter. To view 1920 census for Henry, click --1920 Census. Note: This census shows Henry's Father and Mother were both born in Kentucky. Henry's Marriage License to Oma Reynolds, click--marriage license and  Dorthy W. Smith, age 6 months and noted as a granddaughter. I have a note that says that Lezan lived to be 102 years of age and was killed by a tornado.


    1.1.3 JOSPEH L. NOE b. May 1890, age 29, born in Plumerville, Conway County, Arkansas. d. 1935 and burried in Monk Cemetery, on Monk Cemetery Road, Ward, Arkansas . Father born in Kentucky and mother born in Mississippi. MARRIED TO LAURA B. (BURELL) FREE (JILES), b. Nov/Dec 27, 1893. OKLAHOMA TERRITORY, She is buried in Kerman, California. THE NAME “FREE” IS UNKNOWN BUT IN REALITY IT IS “JILES” daughter of William Maron Jiles and Elzada Mentor Jiles (Shoemaker). Joseph enlisted in Company B, 153 Regimental Infantry, Arkansas National Guard and served as a Private from July 1917 to Nov 1917, discharged under the provisions of "dependent relatives" shortly after the birth of his third child "Ruby", his discharge documents describes him with blue eyes, brown hair, fair complexion and was 5'9"..See his discharge, click -->discharge.  1920 Census of Enola Township, reflecting Father's birthplace as Kentucky and Mother's birthplace as Mississippi and listing Marion R; Jessie L; Ruby L; and Joseph all being born in Arkansas. To view the 1920 census for Joe, click--1920 census
 RANDALL NOE b. 1913 
 JESSIE L. NOE b. 1914 (Known as “Luther”)
 RUBY L. NOE b. 1917 Arkansas
 JOSEPH L. NOE b. 1919 (1yr 4 Mo) (known as “Chester”), Arkansas
 RAY NOE died 7 years old
 LAURA FAY NOE (Known as “Fay)

         1,1,3,10 JEAN NOE

         1.1..3.11 EARL NOE

              The Joseph Noe own a large farm, known as "Noe Farm located 6 miles from BeeBee, 15 miles from Lonoak, near Ward, in Faulkner County Arkansas, after the death of Joseph Levy Noe, his wife sold the land and move the entire family to the Fresno/Kerman, California Area where they worked as “day labor” following the crops. These are the children of the Grapes of Wraps, the movie that depicts the life of the families  that moved west during this time in the promise of work only to be disappointed. The family was very poor, but did work when they could find work. Upon the death of Joseph, Laura sold the farm and the entire family moved to California during the mid to late 1930's where they worked the  crops, the movie "GRAPES OF WRATHS" shows the life style of the Noe family upon arriving in California.




                       TERRY NOE 6/69

                       STACY NOE 8/71


                       JERRY DALE NOE Dec 3, 1968

                                     ASHLEY MARIE ROBINSON NOE 12/31/91

                       CLIFFORD WAYNE NOE Dec 18, 1969

                                     STACY DAWN





       TANYA MICHAELL b. Sep 11, 1972

                                     KARLEY RAY MARSHALL 11/ /1992

                                     KAILEY ANN 7/25/2000



             BOBBY JACK NOE b.  died 1 year old Arkansas

             FRANK RAY NOE b. Dec 24, 1941 California. Sergeant First Class, US Army Special  Forces Medic, Killed in Action, Vietnam Nov 1, 1967. Enlisted in the US Navy 1959 and served to 1962. Enlisted in the US Army 1963 served until killed 1967. Overseas Tours: Japan, Germany, Vietnam.  Awards: Three Bronze Star Medals for Valor, Air Medal, Army Commendation Medal, Purple Heart, National Defense Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Airborne Badge, Good Conduct Medal, Combat Medic Badge, Special Forces Tab, Expert Badge w/Rifle & Pistol Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Military Merit Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and Vietnam Civil Action Medal

             ROBERT LEE NOE b. Mar 21, 1943 Married (1) Terryl McNabb; (2) Tamira Ann Cottrell of Louisiana (3) Katheryn Lynn Smith of Dallas, Texas. (US Army 1960-1980, Master Sergeant E8, Battlefield Commissioned out of Vietnam, Retired Captain, US Army Special Forces/Special Operations. Overseas tours-Germany, Alaska, Vietnam, Okinawa, with service in Korea as well). Awards: Three Bronze Stars. Air Medal for Valor, Army Commendation Medal for heroism, National Defense Medal, Army Certificate of Achievement for Bravery, Presidential Unit Citation, Meritorious Unit Citation, Philippine  Airborne Badge, Combat Infantry Badge, Pathfinder Badge. Special Forces Tab, Pathfinder's Badge, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Civil Action Medal, and Presidential Unit Citation, Special Operation Association's Man of the Year 2006.Bachler's Degree: Louisiana State University in Business Administration. Master's Degree-Central Michigan University, Health Care Administration.

                       DAVID NOE ROGERS b. Dec 7, 1963, Hot Springs, Arkansas. Mother is Frances Woods, a girlfriend. Frances claimed that David was the son of Frank and informed David that his father had been killed in Vietnam. She adopted him out to the Rogers family when David was two years old. Robert was unaware of David until 2009, upon discovering David was the possible son of Frank, a DNA test was done, which confirmed that David was the son of Robert. Robert had dated Frances when he was home on leave from the Army, after returning back to the Army, Robert never heard from Frances again. It was learned that Frances started dating and lived with Frank, before Frank entered the Army.

                                 MARY NOE-ROGERS

                                      EDDIE LOCKRIDGE



                                 MELANIE NOE-ROGERS




                                  MICHAEL NOE-ROGERS

                                  DESSIREA NOE-ROGERS

                                  DAVID NOE-ROGERS THE YOUNGER

                               WIFE 1.   TERRYL LOUVIANA MCNABB

                            CHERRIE LINN NOE b. 3/3/1965, Austin, Texas, Married

                                                         David Hayes

                                  EHREN SCOTT HAYES 10/14/1985, Lake 

                                                                Charles, LA

                                  MICHAEL STEWART HAYES 2/25/1988 Fort Polk,


                            BRIGETTE DARLEEN NOE 9/4/1967, Fairbanks,      

                                                        Alaska married Husband (1) to Kerry Randler

                                  COREY JAMES DOUGHERTY 4/18/1988,

                                                        Alexandria, LA. (US Army,   Specialist Fourth Class,

                                                       82nd Airborne. Overseas tour-Afghanistan) Airborne


                                           Husband (2) to Craig Berry

                                  DUSTIN CRAIG BERRY 12/23/1993, Beaumont,


                                           Husband (3) to Mark Kostovlakos (US Army, Sergeant First Class

                                                                  E7-Overseas tour  Africa)

                                  Braylon Chase Kostovlakos, 28/20/2010 Park,


                            ROBERT RAY NOE 4/21/1971 Hot Springs, Arkansas

                                                         (US ARMY STAFF SERGEANT E6-Overseas tours-2

                                                         tours Afghanistan). Airborne Badge. 

                                                          Marriage 1: No children

                                                          Marriage 2: Frances ? No children (Adopted 2 of her


                              WIFE 2. TAMRIA ANN COTTRELL – MARKSVILLE, LOUISIANA

                            LAURIE ANN NOE 7/3/1982 b. Alexanria, Louisiana

                                  BROCK MICHAEL FONVILLE b.     Alexandria, Louisiana

                                  KAYLEE NICOLE FONVILLE b.     Alexandria

                              WIFE 3 KATHRYN LYNN SMITH- No children.

             BETTY JO NOE b.     Fresno, California  She had two children

             LUCY LOUISE NOE b. 1953 Fresno, California


 RUBY LUCILLE. NOE b. 1917 Arkansas.

                      Married Albert Dudley

              Mary Dudley

                            Peggy Dudley b. 6/29/1957

                            Wayne Dudley b. 2/8/1959

                            Deborah Renee Dudley 5/25/1961

 JOSEPH L. NOE b. 1919 (1yr 4 Mo) (known as “Chester”), Arkansas. Sergeant, US Army in the Korean War, see photo & Newspaper Article. Chester. After the Army, Chester joined the US Air force and served until he had completed 20 years of service and retired. He is buried in Kerman, Ca. He had no children.



           SCOTT NOE, Motorcycle Accident, deceased.

           LITTLE BILL (?)





                    (1) Myrtle



 RAY NOE died 7 years old



                     (1). ODILEE HILL


     RENEE DOUGHTERY 3/11/70

     CRYSTAL 7/6/87

     JENNA 9/4/88

     SHANE 9/17/91


      JASON 1993

             SANDRA KAY HILL

                     JOSEPH BENJAMIN SMITH JR. 9/14/69

                     GINA 8/13/71

              TIMOTHY WAYNE 7/23/87


                     ROBERT GRADY HILL JR.

                     GINGER RENEE


             BROCK REDDING

             AMY REDDING

            (2) HENRY NATION




                     (1) Nowell



                     (2) Lee Campbell



            Pamela Dione

            Bobby Ray

            Gary Don

                        Not married to a Welch

            Roy Lincoln Welch



                  (1) LISMAN


                  (2) LLOYD WILLIAMS




          1.1..3.11 EARL NOE

          KENNY NOE


           1.1.7 JAMES “JAKE” NEALON NOE b. 1900 Arkansas (Lived in Poplar Bluff and St Louis, Mo)



               JANET NOE

                           JAKE SILAS NOE RHOADS b. Aug 9, 2008