Detachment A-502 'Trung Dung'


Frank R. Noe



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Many thanks to Frank's brother, Robert (, for providing the photos on this page.
The last known photo of Frank, taken outside the main gate to Dien Kanh
About 12k

Frank with three other team mates at A-502. If you recognize anyone send me their name.
About 19k

Part of a bridge is showing in this one. Anyone recognize the location?
About 21k

Taking a break somewhere in the boonies. Looks like one of the CIDG is sitting next to him; anyone know who this was?
About 15k

On patrol in October 1967
About 27k


Tropical vegetation - lots of it.
About 49k



With the 10th SFG in Germany

10th SFG team mates
About 44k

Mountain Training
About 45k

Rescue Training
About 29k

Vertical Litter Bearers
About 35k

Wounded in Action
About 37k

On the Rocks
About 34k


Official SOG description of Frank's final mission in Laos.


Ol Nov 67 Frank Ray Noe, SFC E-7, KIA-RR on a recon mission in Laos along with Don Albert Hawkins, SGT E-5, and David A. Woods who was killed the following day, all of whom were serving as Spike Team Members, FOB 1, Phu Bai, Ops 35 (The team discovered a gray, enemy communications wire and were directed to place a "Tap" on it. However, due to heavy enemy activity in the area, the team decided to "cut" the wire. The enemy sent out an element to check the wire and discovered the team resulting in a fierce fire fight. SFC Noe and SGT Hawkins were killed on 1 Nov and SFC Woods was killed on 2 Nov. A SGT Brown was wounded in the shoulder and managed to escape and was rescue.


About 50k

Click here to view a Series of 16 photos Frank took, along with the comments he wrote on the back of each one.



16 Sept. 1967: 5 Day Op from An Dinh along the Song Cai with Recon 71 - Lt. Strum and Sp4 Miller, and CIDG Company 556 - SSG Noe and SSG York, Captain Andree commanding.





8/2004: Uncertainty Over Frank's Last Misson Resolved


The official records have Frank being killed while with a Spike team out of Phu Bai, during a mission in Laos. However, John Key who arrived at A-502 shortly after Frank's death on 2 Nov. 1967, states:

"Frank Noe was KIA in a night ambush across the bridge on the Song Cai river Juan Sotello was with him."

Robert also received a letter from Jerry C. Arrant, dated 23 November 67 which he states:

"Hi Robert,
I received your letter yesterday. I got in country on 11 Nov. I was sorry to hear about Frank, I know Frank from Germany. He was a great medic. Frank went out on a ambush with app. 60 men from the C.I.D.G. and 3 SF. He got up to check on his guns emplacement when the V.C. spotted him.

The other medic Sgt. Sattla(sp ?) that was with Frank started mouth to mouth right away. But it did not help. Frank never knew what hit him....

Sincerely yours, Jerry C. Arrant"

*Just received this:

Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2002 21:13:51 EDT
Subject: Re: A-502 & Frank Noe

...While at Bragg (for the 50th SF Reunion), I spoke to Jerry Arrant who told me that he was directed to report to A502 immediately because Frank Noe had been KIA'ed. Al Morace also acknowledged that Frank was there and KIA'ed....
Best wishes,

Robert has been told that Frank had received orders for assignment to FOB 1, and prior to leaving A-502 wanted to go out on one final mission with the new medic (Juan Sotelo) to help bring him up to speed. That sounds correct as John Key and Jerry Arrants both mention that there were 3 Americans with the company, whereas two was the rule, and generally never two medics together.

It sounds as if Frank's name might have been mixed up through clerical error in the paperwork for the Spike team which had taken causalities on the same day. If anyone has any information on this question of where Frank actually was when he was killed.

7 August 2004

Robert "Bob" Sweeney who was a Lt. at the camp, and later became the XO, just sent me a description of the events that occurred the night Frank was lost. While not on the ambush where Frank was shot, he went out with the Dust Off that took Frank to the 8th Field Hospital. Memorial at the Arlington Cemetery Website, put up by Ltc. Robert Sweeney, who was a Lt. at A-502 with Frank.



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