The Noe arrived in the US

Noe family origin: The Noe name is traced back to Haute Savoie, France who were there in the 1600's (34). Noe family was of French Huguenot, one branch of the family lived near NANTES prior to the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685. According to Baird's Huguenot Emigration to America, VOL II, p. 88" (33)

Reason for Immigration: Huguenot (French Protestants) emigrated because of (1) their confession and fled about 1622. 2). Roman Catholics who immigrated because of starvation. (37)(72)(73)

In 1982, I received a letter from the late Peter Terris Noe', and he stated in his letter that "Mrs. Sherrill Noe' Roberts of Guilford, CT, visited Noe', France in July, 1980. When she asked to see the town records, she was told that all records of the town previous to AD 1700 were burned in a fire. Mrs. Roberts searched the eighteenth century records and found no evidence of a Noe' family living in Noe's after AD 1700." He goes on to say: "The Chateau de la Noe's still exists, I am told by one who has a picture of it, but its location is unknown to me. Noe' France was once a marquisate, and we are probably descended from the noble family there." "Elias Noe' always told his son and of our noble heritage, of the Chateau de la Noe', our ancestral home, and of his descent from Pierre Nui." "He also told of his father's serving in the Army in the American Revolution at the time his older brothers peeked down the stairs (Elias was a baby) of their Perth Amboy home to see the kitchen filled with British soldiers at the time the British occupied New York." (Everything in quotes is transcribed from the letter.)(72)

 Ilene Noe Kreider, 4 April 1997

FRANCOIS, SIEU DE LA NOUE (NOE) Huguenot, a preacher & leader of refugees. Lived near Nantes, France prior to the revocation of the edict of Nantes in 1685, "Huguenot Emigration to America, Vol II, p. 88" (33)


In a post from Majoron on Sept. 17th (1998), they mentioned that they were descended from Marquise de Noe from the Isle of Noe who left his castle in France in the late 1600's as a Huguenot. These descendants went to Germany before coming to America. Since some of us also believe we are descended form Marquise Noe from France, could it be possible that Pierre (who came to America in 1663) is a brother to the Marquis that went to Germany. As far as that goes could Elias and Louis also be brothers? Only the eldest son would inherit the title Marquis.

Ilene Noe Krelder (Posted 9/19/98)(

Adolf G from Austria b. ca 1840-50

ANDREW b 17 Feb 1835 Ferdinandsdorf, Baden came to US Licking Co, OH in 1851.

AQUILLA b, bef 1769 of Scotland

HARLES b. 1836 in Heidersbach, Baden. Came to US Brooklyn, NY 1854. Arrived in Philadelphia, PA in 1854, page 42, United States Works Projects Admin Index to Records of Aliens' Declaration of Interest, Volume 8, Letter N Page 1-15. (220)

ELIAS NEAU of NY, b mid 1600's in France, went to West Indies then to Boston, and finally ca 1691 to New York.

FRANK JOSEPH NOE b. 14 Aug 1818 Ferdinandsdorf, Baden came to US Licking Co, OH in 1851

FRANZ b. 1819 from Germany

HENRY from Germany date not specified.

JOSEPH NOE b. 18 Jul 1825 in Heidersbach, Baden. Came to US in 1854 to Brooklyn, NY

LOUIS NOE from France came as a French soldier with Lafayette in colonial days and served through the war.(234)

MARQUIS de NOE (First name unknown) Emigrated from Province of Lanquedoc Southern France to Zwellbrocken,Germany (1685-1700) then to the US (232)(233)

MICHAEL b. 1827 husband of Elizabeth b. 1827 both born in Prussia

PETER b. 20 May 1809 in Mittelbach, Bavaria came to US Port Jervis, Orange County, NY 1853.

PETER NOE b 1710 Germany, Naturalized 24 Mar 1763 d. 6 Nov1787 Orange Co, NC

Pierre (who came to America in 1663)

STEPHEN NOE age unknown, arrived in the New World 1881

SUSANNA NOE b. 1742 in Germany

TILMAN NOE age ?, arrived in America 1709, PA.

TOGNASINI NOE b. ca 1844 age ?, arrived in the New World

WILHEIM NOE b. 1880. Karlsruhe, Germany. Immigrated to New Britain, CT 1927

WILLIAM NOE b. 2 Mar 1846 in Germany came to US 1866, Settled in Union Hill, Hudson Co.(158)